Sunday, 5 February 2012

JSTSE/JSTS/jsts pattern!!!!

dear delhi 9th class students,
 this is to all delhi students as when i looked to any 9th class examination i found jstse examination bt it was so strange that most of us dont know that this examination also held at delhi ..hahahahaagagaga..
 the power of ignorance........
students today i will let you know about one of the most prestigious examinations in delhi is -JSTSE ,I.E,JUNIOR SCIENCE TALENT SEARCH EXAMINATION.
now let us study its pattern-
in last week of january the examination is held.
eligibility-any student from 9th class who has scored 60% of marks in 8th class
it has two rounds,
1)written test
under written test 150 scholars are selected and in interview ranks are provided to all 150 scholars
ach-all 150 scholars who crack receive certificate but interview decides your prize money.
top 100 students receive 2000 +certificate,
rest 50 students receive 1000  certificate
prize money is only for 1 time not like ntse.
it is divided in two sections
2)sat-scholastic aptitude test
now in MAT ,=5o questions-50 marks=social science,basic science and current affairs
             SAT,=150 questions -150 marks =science and maths
 what you all need to study???????
in mat you all need to focus on 8th ,9th and 10th social sciences and current affairs ,do need newspapers and current affairs magzine.
in sat you all need to focus 8th,9th and 10th maths and above that!!!!!!!!!!
after cracking written test all 150 scholars are selected for interview for their ranks...
yes,as you are giving same examination as iit jee new proposal does........
you are best among in all delhi 9th class.....
best of luck....

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